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We believe that illness and wellness exist on a continuum. As you move toward one, you move away from the other. Our goal is to help you change paths to wellness; to invite wellness back into your life.

We believe that wellness is far more than just biological health – it is emotional, psychological, and spiritual health, too!

To express wellness in the WHOLE of you, you must live well in each of these dimensions simultaneously.

Wellness is the jubilant unifying expression of vitality in every area of your life; it restores your ability to LIVE with joy, skill, and strength.

Our wellness care and protective strategies provide you with an affordable way to restore your vitality, quality of life you desire.

The mission of H.C. is to:

Explore complementary and alternative healing practices in the context of rigorous science.

Train complementary and alternative medicine researchers.

Disseminate authoritative information to the public and professionals.

What We Do

Health Center  sponsors and conducts research using scientific methods and advanced technologies  study.


Why You Should Get Regular Check-ups, and Not Base Care on Your Pain Levels!

Your energy system/nervous system is the "central controlling mechanism" of your body. It controls and coordinates the function of your body’s organs, glands, muscles, tissues, and cells.

Since this system determines your long-term well-being, you should receive regular check-ups and not base the frequency of treatments you get on PAIN.

If you determine when to receive care based on your pain level (which is an end-stage-result of significant neurological and energy system imbalance), your condition will be harder to reverse, it will require more treatments (which will cost more), and you'll experience more pain.

After your initial treatment phase is completed, we recommend that you schedule future check-ups to guard your renewed health and vitality.

These check-ups, like the ones you receive from your dentist, orthodontist, and medical doctor, are protective in nature.

They insure your body's nervous system and energy system are functioning optimally, and they can give you advanced notice if there is a problem.




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Health Center International Research

Maddalena Frau

 Transpersonal Psychologist, Quantum Medicine, 

Psycho Vibrational Therapy *PVT*  .

Researcher, Scio Therapist, Nutrition.

Immune Internationally Licensed Therapist

Maddalena is a researcher of Integrative and Quantum Medicine in Kenya, where all of her energy is dedicated to consolidating her knowledge of conventional medicine, natural medicine, nutrition, quantum physics and advanced biofeedback into a model of Integrative Medicine. She has dedicated her life to the promotion of natural health and the prevention of disease, and to bringing depth and understanding to the field of Integrative Medicine. She has researched new approaches to medicine and she an ardent promoter of innovative methods of evaluation as a way to integrate quantum consciousness into the art of healing.


The information of this Website is for educational and research purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of  your physicians or health care practitioners.  It is also not intended to diagnose or prescribe treatment for any illness or disorder.

Psychometric Tests

Open Psychometric Test Resource

Warwick  Southampton  Durham

This website is a collaborative project created by psychology postgraduates from universities across the UK.

The personality questionnaires on this website are typically the result of research projects or on-going course material.

Other significant contributors currently include BPS Level A and Level B qualified Business Psychologists and Trainee Occupational Psychologists seconded from companies.

This is an open and collaborative psychometric test resource and so anyone who is interested in psychology, particularly at degree or doctorate level, are welcome to contact us to become involved.

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Improve Your Brain

16PF Personality Test


SCIO stands for Scientific Consciousness Interface Operation system. Scio is derived from the Latin = I know.

The SCIO is a sophisticated and profound energetic medicine system, derived from the QXCI [Quantum Xrroid Consciousness Interface]. It incorporates electro-dermal screening, stress testing and biofeedback.

It is a computerized system that both tests and balances the body at the subtle energy level.

It integrates the sciences of mathematics, quantum physics, fractal dynamics, subspace theory, electronics, and computer programming. The therapies include the following modalities: naturopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic, energetic medicine, psychology, aromatherapy, reflexology, colour therapy, Neuro- Linguistic Programming, biofeedback and Rife Resonator. It also incorporates knowledge of metaphysical subjects to bring a unique synergistic perspective to natural healing



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Discover how energy affects our body, how to manage people's energy, where it comes from and what affects energy levels. Learn about energy and movement within the human body. What are the factors that makes us move better?. By understanding these factors you can better manage people's capacity to move, and to manage optimum levels of energy within their body.

The lessons cover:

energy and work; energy pathways;

the acid-base balance; osmosis & diffusion; atmospheric pressure;

temperature regulation;

ergogenic aids to performance

Prerequisite: A basic understanding of body systems (e.g. Human Anatomy and Physiology).